Fast Cuts: “A young obsessive photographer attempts to get off a murder charge after evidence is found in her apartment.” (Actor & Director) :

The Viridescent: “Sam is woken up in the middle of the night by her sister who believes a mysterious green light is connected to the unexplained disappearance of their mother.” (Actor) :

Significant Others: “Two spies — a older, philandering veteran and a sternly professional young woman who’s poised to take his place — who must meet up at a speed dating service to complete a crucial mission.” (Actor) :

Copenhagen Noir: “After a mysterious murder, an eventful night unfolds in the streets of Copenhagen…” (Director) :

“Best New Director” – Los Angeles Neo-Noir Film Festival 2014
Official Selection – Etheria Film Festival World Tour 2014
Official Selection – Film Noir Festival 2014
Official Selection – UNO Film Festival 2014
Official Selection – Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival 2014
Official Selection – Edinburg Festival Fringe, Nightpiece Film Festival 2014